Future of Retail

With the use of PCs, tablets and mobile phones becoming almost universal in developed economies, the rules of the retail game are rapidly changing. Customers expect the same rich experience no matter how they shop, with access that is available whenever and wherever they choose – and retailers are scrambling to deliver.
Customization will change the way we shop. To adapt to customer demands for a more personalized shopping experience, the retail sector will change dramatically over the next two decades. In this video, we discuss how innovations such as 3D digital design, virtual store, and virtual mirrors may alter the way we buy everything we need – and our expectations about how goods should be custom-designed to fit our exact needs. With such innovations, industry experts tell us how and why these changes are happening.
Customization in 3D
A 3D technology is already widely used in design and manufacturing but perhaps many of us don’t realize it is set to play a huge role in retail and to give customers exactly what they want. We think of 3D software being used to design vehicles, buildings and infrastructure projects. Soon customers will also tailor their purchases using detailed 3D screens – either holographic, or ones that appear flat with CGI graphics.

Digital Transformation: From Concept to Shelf
More than ever before, brands are facing intense pressure to analyze trends, design relevant products, and deliver them in the most compelling way to a highly discerning consumer. But many brands are using the same old methods they’ve been using for decades. Combine this with outdated and non-visual planning systems, these same companies are realizing that they are at an extreme disadvantage. There has to be a better way.
Delightful consumer experiences cannot happen without product development excellence. 

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