Ultimate 3g

Ultimate 3G

Tablet or PC? Or the best of both?

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Swipe Ultimate combines the best features of a tablet with that of a PC to give you the ultimate digital device.

Intel Inside

You want to do this and this and that too! The 1.83 GHz Quad Core Intel Processor gives you the freedom to jump from one task to the other at incredible speeds. Some of the perks you can enjoy are increased efficiency, higher performance, high browsing speed and smooth multitasking.

Incredible pictures

Give yourself a never-before visual experience with the Ultimate. A 10.1” HD IPS display makes pictures on all other devices seem one step behind. And your friends’ phones too!

Never miss a picture opportunity

The Ultimate comes loaded with two cameras, one in the front and one behind. Selfies are easy; video chat is even easier. Of course, even regular pictures when something strikes your fancy. Everything at the tap of a finger, such is the magic of the Ultimate.

The potential for great fun

Swipe Ultimate comes powered with an incredibly powerful 7000mAh battery that guarantees longer fun hours. Browse the internet, play games, listen to music and make calls, without the fear of a quickly draining battery.


- Full Specification


10.1" IPS Screen


3G SIM Support


7000 mAh


Intel Atom Quad Core


2 GB + 32 GB


Windows 8.1


Front: 2 MP Rear : 5 MP


FM, Video player, Audio Player Sound Recorder


Bluetooth, Wifi


256.4 (w)x 9.5 (D) x 171 (H) mm


Device : 1 year Accessories : 6 months