Track Calls Like You Do Clicks

So you already track click-through rate, content downloads, app downloads, and more. Great! Call tracking allows you to do the same thing to understand which marketing sources are generating calls for your business. Even better! (You can even integrate call data into tools like Google Universal Analytics so you can see calls right next to your clicks.)
Track Calls Back to Keyword Searches
In 2015, Google reported that more searches now occur on mobile devices than on desktop. Combined with an increase in calls from mobile marketing, it’s more important than ever for marketers to be able to understand which keywords are driving people to call (whether it’s made from a Google call extension, call-only ad, or search landing page). Call tracking helps you do this.
Receive Rich Caller Metadata
Session-level call tracking offers a treasure-trove of information for data-driven marketers (and what marketer is going to say “no” to more data?). You can see a caller’s phone number, geographic location, the content they viewed on your website, and more.
Measure Effectiveness of Web Content
By tracking a caller’s activity on your website you can better understand the path they took before calling you. What content did they view? How much time did they spend viewing it? What ultimately drove them to place a call? Get insight into how your web content converts visitors into phone leads.
Integrate With Existing Tools
Chances are you’re already using other platforms and tools to optimize your marketing – call tracking data integrates into them seamlessly. You can track phone leads through the sales cycle with CRM integration, use call data to optimize keyword bidding in bid management tools, see calls next to clicks and other engagement points in your web analytics platforms, and more.

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